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LED e-Payment FAQ

Q. What is e-Payment?
A. Electronic payments are payments that are made directly to payee from your bank accounts using security features over the Internet to process the transactions. E payment is a subset of an e-commerce transaction to include electronic payment for buying and selling goods or services offered through the Internet. Generally we think of electronic payments as referring to online transactions on the internet, there are actually many forms of electronic payments.
Q. When did LED start e-Payment Service to Consumers?
A. LED has opened the e-Payment Service to the public w.e.f 1st February 2015. Mobile App for m-payment named POWERLAK Services are launched w.e.f 15 Aug 2017
Q. What all types of payment instruments are allowed.?
A. Credit Cards, Debit Cards,UPI and Internet banking of almost all banks are allowed.
Q. What ispermissible durationof payment facility?
A. Every month the electricty charges of LED will be payable from 1st to last but 4days of the month.
Q. Does every consumer can pay the billonline?
A. Yes all the active consumers of LED can pay the bills online.
Q. How often we can pay the bill?
A. LED follow monthly billing. Every consumer can pay the bill a single time during a month. No second time payment allowed.
Q. When I make a payment am I making my latest month Bill?
A. Yes when you make a payment you are making the payment of your Latest bill(Preprepared). Your previous month bill is generated by LED based on the reading taken from your consumer meter.
Q. What if I don’t pay my bill during a month?
A. You become a defaulter and your Bill-cum-disconnection Notice(BcDN) including Belated Payment Sur-Charge[BPSC] will be served to you during the month-close over SMS and over the LED portal. And subsequently your service connection will be Fuse-off w.e.f 20th of the following month, if you don’t pay before that.
Q. What if while I try paying my bill I loose my money and don’t get my receipt?
A. You need not to worry if your money is deducted. If that money comes to the LED account we will reconcile your transaction. You need not to pay a second time further even if you dint get your receipt. Your transaction will be reconciled in 3-4 days time. However if you have tried a second time again and lost further money on the bill, that amount will be refunded to you.
Q. How do I know I paid successfully or not?
A. Once you pay your bill successfully and completeley you will get one sms from your bank followed by another from the LED. Also you will get the receipt on the portal as well as your e-mail. And lastly you may pick your bill/receipt online from within your LED portal Login.
Q. Does LED charge any additional amount for e-Payment?
A. LED as such is not taking any additional charges on your Bill. However the Payment Gateway incorporated by LED does charge a service charge upon your Bill amount. This varies according to the payment instrument used(details provided on the web site) and the amount of the bill. Hence you are charged in addition to your bill.
Q. Does Temporarty Connections also payable online?
A. Yes Temporary Connection Bills also are payable online.
Q. My meter is in ‘STUCK’ condition. I cannot input my Meter Reading. How do I pay?
A.Meter Stuck Consumers will be getting their bills only at the month-close based on average consumption mechanism. So at any given point you may have a pending bill to pay which was prepared during previous month-close.
Q. My meter got changed by LED recently. My new input reading is incomparable with the prior meter. Will it give an unreasonable bill to me?
A. During every Meter-change by LED, the customer will get an SMS to that effect. Your reading taken by dept. prior to meter change will be ignored at next bill.
Q. I have paid my previous bill online. Can I pay my current bill through the counters and vice-versa?
A. Yes LED counters, Online ePayment facility and POWERLAK Mobile App serves you from the single source of data. These are two independent payment services extended to the consumers. You can make use of any of these services at will.
Q. While making my online payment I see a Check Box with a question‘You have tried the below listed unsuccessful transaction recently. Are you sure to try payment again?’. Whats it? What should I do here?
A. Its only an alert to tell you that recently as many e-payment trials as listed on that page were tried against your consumer no. Its just an information. You need to tick that checkbox to approve that information. Once you ‘Tick’ it you can proceed for payment.

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