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IT Initiatives

               The computerisation activities of the Department were commenced during 1995 by procuring seven numbers of 486 based Computers with 132 Col Dotmatrix Printers. The help of the Electricity Department of Pondicherry was sought to develop the LT Energy Billing Software. Now the entire cash collection counters of Department has been computerised. Perhaps, may be the first in the country to introduce 100% Computerised Electricity Billing.

               The next area computerised was Payroll of the Employess, followed by Inventory Management with the Software developed by the National Informatics Centre. Almost 80% activities of the Department have been computerized now. Work on hand to computerise the remaining sectors in a time bound manner.

               The Lakshadweep Electricity Department is the first Department in the U.T. to have a working Local Area Network and a Mail Server. Now the entire subordinate offices of the Department have been provided with sufficient computers, Local Area Network, dedicated internet connection and thus virtually interconnected each other. 

               The Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources has identified Lakshadweep Electricity Department as one of the beneficiary to their scheme "TIFAD" (Technology Information Forecasting Assessment and Databank) during 1998-99. Under the scheme, the Department received financial assistance from the Ministry to set up Renewable Energy NET (RENET) by installing a VSAT (FTDMA), Server and a Client Computer along with one 2 KVA UPS. The VSAT system has installed in the Electricity Division Office, Kavaratti during 04/2000. Later, VSAT connection has been extended to all the offices in the Lakshadweep Islands by Lakshadweep Administration.

                Department has switched over to web based applications from the year 2007 for extending various online facilities to its consumers and to have a real time monitoring of the activities of the Department.            

                The CSI-Nihilent e-Governance award 2006-07 for the best e-Governed Department category was jointly awarded to Department of Electricity, Lakshadweep and Department of Health and family welfare, Government of Gujarat for the achievements they had in implementing e-Governance applications in their respective Departments (details).

               The Grid Interactive SPV Power Plants installed in the Islands are equipped with latest  hardwares and softwares to make it possible to monitor, control and download the data remotely from anywhere in the world. Department also proposes to introduce SCADA for monitoring and controlling of generation & distribution of power supply in these Islands.

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