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Online Payment Settlement Policy and Cancel Policy

Wednesday, 11 March 2015, 10:00 am

Settlement Process

1.  Your payments will be reconciled in T+4 days. Ie within four days of your transaction.
2.  Incomplete Transactions at the Payment Gateway side will be refunded by the Biller themselves.
3.  Successful & Complete Transactions will generate your Online Receipt & monthly bill immediately.
4.  You will not be able to pay your bill a second time during a month after a succesfull transaction.
5.  Successful but Incomplete Transactions will be reconciled by the LED within 96 hours.

Cancel Policy

1.  If there is a second successful transaction by a consumer against his bill estimation during a month, it will be considered as Advance payment for the next Bill.
2. All other successful and incomplete transactions in excess of second transaction will be refunded within 7 days of transaction.
3. However the transaction charges levied by the Bank/Payment gateway will not be refundable.
This Settlement & Cancel Policy is subject to change at any time and we recommend that you review it regularly for changes. Please address your queries to lk-ktelect(a)nic(dot)in

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